Iplehouse Felix


Doll type: Felix
Skintone: White
Manufacturer: Iplehouse
Faceup skin option: Clear

Owner: Marien J
Date completed: 22 November 2015
Materials: Acrylic paint, Rembrandt & Schminke Soft Pastel, MSC UV Cut Flat, Humbrol Acrylic Matte Varnish.

Note: This is one of Marien’s original character from her novel/story https://projectdianthus.wordpress.com/tag/project-dianthus

Nil is  “a clone of an original human specimen designed to be more bioweapon than actual human. He has a tendency to exhibit aloof, detached behaviour, and is only somewhat expressive when interacting with his Great Dane, Gambit. Nearly everyone is in awe of him due to the extent of his abilities, all of which he uses freely to accomplish what is expected of him.”

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