Tidbits: Absolutely Awkward

Dear Reader,

Bob is staying over for awhile. I hardly own any normal-sized dolls, so I often turn to friends for help when trying to make clothes for standard sizes.

By now, you may have heard that Bob isn’t exactly on the best of terms with Sierra, who has gotten not only frisky but also emotionally involved with her first love, Val. For the most part, it’s a one-sided battle–Sierra harbours no animosity towards her because it isn’t really a big deal on her end. Bob is a teenager, after all, and teenagers eventually outgrow their issues. She just wants it over and done with, because it can get a teeny bit annoying to be hated on.

Lucy simply sticks around to keep the peace.

Your Friend and Author,



You are super adorable. (Please don’t brick me.)


Obvious one-sided chatter going on from Lu’s end.


Suddenly, a wild Bob appears!


Lu is out to deliver some kind words. Sierra’s please-walk-away-from-me game is on fleek.


Bob is not a happy camper. To be continued …?

Bob lives with Chin. She is with me for the meantime.


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