Dynamic Duos: Nil and Lu (Segment One)

Dear Reader,

Once upon a time, I was hell bent on making Nil and Lu a canon pair. Further plot development led me to realise that things would turn out for the better if they didn’t.

So, yes, that idea is now in the bin. It is for the best, plot-wise.

This, of course, does not mean that they do not care for each other. Lu is a meddler by nature; he pokes his head into people’s business, even if it is often unwarranted. Nil? His feelings for Lu go beyond mere tolerance, at least. He is a sentinel by nature, and Lu is someone important to his boss.

I found some photos from an old shoot. Do enjoy.

Your Friend and Author,


DSC01851 copy

Nil kind of lives and breathes the stalker-bodyguard thing.

DSC01857 copy

Lu just lets him be.

DSC01861 copy

For old time’s sake. When I wanted them to be a thing.

DSC01853 copy

But they’re better off as friends.


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