Tidbits: A New Look for Sierra

Dear Reader,

Having the right faceup (and, consequently, the right artist) on a doll has always been important to me. As this hobby is bolstered by the novel my characters live in, they end up growing into their own over time, and I feel the compulsion to allow their resin forms to grow with them.

For the longest time, Sierra has been defined by a certain degree of bitterness that stems from her past. Somewhere down the road, she found love, and that love mellowed her out a little. Her faceup was starting to look too harsh for her character, so I decided to sent her to one of my favourite artists, Alison / Marison, for a much needed update.

I have a lovely history with Marison as an artist. I sent Lu to her late last year for a new faceup. Unfortunately, this happened during the time that Hong Kong ended up becoming embroiled in the country-wide crisis called the Umbrella Movement. Marison and I lost touch for several weeks, and while I was concerned for the state of their country, I was also concerned about my doll.

When we finally got in touch with each other, Marison surprised me by offering to do Lu/s faceup free of charge since it was well past her turnaround time. I had insisted on paying her for her services, but she had been equally adamant about doing it for free in return. In the end, I relented. Lu made it back in time for my birthday with a beautiful faceup that I am absolutely determined to keep until it goes beyond repair. At that time, I also promised that I would eventually send another head her way so that I could finally pay her for the wonderful work she does. Sierra ended up becoming that perfect opportunity, and I could not be happier with how she looks now.

Your Friend and Author,




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