Dear Reader,

First off, a thought I want to get off my back: SUMMER IS OVER. FINALLY. /does a somewhat uncoordinated victory dance I’m not a summer person in the very least. I don’t enjoy being under the sun. I’ve lived in a tropical country all my life, but have always fared much better jogging down the streets of sleepy little New Jersey suburbs in the dead of winter. This past week, rains have started to fall, and the sweltering heat has eased up in almost miraculous measures. Here’s to hoping it keeps up!

Last weekend, I left the confines of Metro Manila for a fun weekend out with some fellow doll owners. Our wonderful community mods were able to arrange an overnight stay at a lovely home in Tagaytay City, and some of us jumped at the chance to be able to take photos of our dolls at a scenic venue in the absence of onlookers. It was still quite hot when we arrived, so I decided to spend the day lazing around in the pool and leaving the shooting for the next day. (I am secretly Gudetama.)

All in all, it was a lovely experience. I got to rush sew summer outfits for my dolls, cook dinner, take nice photos and participate in the grandest game of Cards Against Humanity ever. Fifteen players – can you even imagine? More importantly, I got to spend some time vacationing with good friends.

I will cease rambling now and get to the photos. I now belatedly feel bad that I didn’t get to take photos of my friends’ dolls! Everyone looked wonderful in their summer wear, so I wish I had time to shoot them, too. (You never have enough time when you bring five dolls to shoot.) Oh well – it’s not like we can always have everything.

Your Friend and Author,


(You’re never going to get any sunshine, Jon Snow.)

The Boss. I was hell-bent on getting Jin to wear Speedos because I knew he would look good in them.

Max, by default, gets the stereotypical Embarrassing Hawaiian Shorts combo. But being the cutiepie he is, he got them to work, somehow. Everybody loves you, buddy. I’m so glad I won you.

Sierra’s bikini was a lot of fun to make! I took inspiration from the VS Angels, so it’s more fashionable than it is functional. I really want to make more swimsuits soon. Perhaps I’ll develop a swimsuit collection for female dolls? ;D

Last year, Lucy attended the summer meet in a light sweater. He’s never been the type to strip down to his skivvies (even for a swim thing), so I dressed him in a yukata. I think it’ll be his go-to summer look from now on.

BabyNiko tagged along for his first major meet! I couldn’t bring his older self due to luggage constraints, but his tiny self is more than capable of representing him. His yellow tourist-y Hawaiian shirt came from my old Bratz dolls clothes bin.

Jin and Max. They aren’t very close friendship-wise, but, you know, anything to post pictures of …buns.

Max is fond of Sierra. Sierra tolerates Max. She eventually learns to appreciate his friendship.

Sierra with her boyfriend, Chin‘s Val. He wasn’t very summer-ready. XD

“Screw clothing and just get into the damn water, babe.”

My two most favourite characters. I ship them, sometimes. Lucy tends to be shippable with a lot of people, but that’s how he goes about life. He’s in no big hurry to tie himself down.

Bonus Max! Helene liked this photo of him, so it deserves to go in here. Everybody does love you, buddy.

Bonus Sierra! These are the last few photos of her Iplehouse faceup. I’m excited to pick her up in July!

When a group shot works, I consider it a minor life achievement. Thanks for looking, guys! See you soon.


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